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Mobile Website Tips You Can Use for Your Business

The beginning of a new decade in the new millennium marks the constant use of mobile phones. More and more people are on the go and it has been a customary for most of them to bring with them a mobile phone wherein they could access important information from the internet. From their emails to Facebook and Twitter to quick “Googling” of some information, these people rely heavily on mobile technology so they can communicate and research while on the move. And if you have a business, it would be wise to get some mobile website tips that you can incorporate into your marketing campaigns.


Not only will you be able to reach a great number of people with just a single text message but you can also customize the message for every group of people you send it to. It is also easier for you to market your products and services to those who can access the internet in their mobile phones. That’s why a lot of businesses are banking on mobile website tips. With these tips, they can create a website that is perfect for any mobile phone. People who are unable to access internet from their computers can now be reached if you have a mobile website. And this is why you will find a lot of high-profile companies doing the same thing.


One of the really important mobile website tips that you should remember is to refrain from making use of flashy gimmicks. Stick to the bare essentials like your business contact details, About Us page that introduces your company, some comments from satisfied customers, link to your social networking page and a simple logo that will stick in the minds of your customer to remember your brand.


A mobile redirect script is also essential for your internet website so that you can see when people view your content through their mobile phones. This will help them get redirected to the mobile site automatically or by using a call to action phrase.


Another one of these amazing mobile website tips is to submit your mobile website to specific mobile website directories to increase the traffic onto your mobile website. Constantly updating your content and widening your spectrum of topics for your articles will also help you market your website more. You don’t really have to have special coding skills but a basic knowledge on JavaScript, HTML and even PHP will take you a long way.

Posted on Nov 10, 2013

The Benefits of SMS Text Message Marketing

The benefits of SMS text message marketing spreads high and wide for every business. These days, when a mobile phone is more than just an accessory or a status symbol, it is becoming more and more a necessity to daily living. Mobile devices are not just used to communicate to loved ones or business colleagues. It is more than just a tool for emergency situations or a way to reconnect with friends. You will find a lot of people nowadays using their mobile phones to store and receive information, a means to access the internet and even to take photos or to record their daily schedules.


If you want to keep up with the rest of the industry, try maximizing the benefits of SMS text message marketing and you will see great results in the near future. Take a look at the list of some SMS marketing advantages below:


  1. Brand Exposure that leads to increase in sales

Establishing a brand takes more than a single launch or introduction of the product. You need to be able to instil it in the minds and hearts of every individual who might potentially be interested in your products and services. The benefits of SMS text message marketing is that it establishes brand recall and retention without blatant agenda pushing. Eventually, this will lead to an increase in your sales and help you hit or even exceed your target revenue.

  1. Attracting new customers

Majority of your revenue may probably come from existing customers. But what happens with the untapped market? There is great potential in reaching out to a new batch of would-be customers. Also, if you start using the benefits of SMS text message marketing in your business, this encourages referrals from existing customers.

  1. Reaching more people at a time

With a single click of a mouse or a button, you can already send messages to a multitude of people simultaneously.

  1. Getting quality prospects

When people reply to your text message, there’s a huge chance that they are already interested in buying your products. It is certainly a great way to sift through a great number of people and determine those whom you should really focus on.

  1. Variety of uses for multiple purposes

Text messaging is not limited to only one use. You could send a message to inform, remind or promote. You can also give special offers which will encourage interest in your products and services. It is also a great way to launch an event or a new product without spending too much on printing flyers and brochures to invite people.

Posted on Nov 10, 2013

Mobile Phone Usage- Why Businesses Need to Go Mobile

Have you seen people around you, yes we are talking about your own customers, they all are using smartphones to performe searches and buy things. You could be losing customers just by not having a mobile optimized website. Please visit us! we can help your business to go mobile and stop losing customers.



Posted on Nov 3, 2013

Helping Your Business Grow With QRCodes – Free Report

This convenient integration between print and the internet using mobile devices gives a new definition to marketing communications and efforts. Years ago, only big companies used QR codes because the technology seemed prohibitively expensive; however that's not true anymore. Even the smallest of companies are using them to promote products and services and to engage with their customers.

One key feature of QR codes is that they do not require bulky scanners in order to be scanned as with traditional bar code readers; instead, a mobile phone can handle the job of scanning a QR code.

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Posted on Nov 3, 2013

Why Mobile Websites Is a Must for Today Businesses? – Free Report

As a business owner you must know that to have a mobile website is not a luxury any more but a must if you do not want to continue losing mobile internet users. Please download our FREE report and see what mobile marketing can do for your business.
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Reasons You Need to Mobilize for Your Business

Today’s world is very dynamic and fast-paced. There are so many business players for every industry and if you don’t try to keep up, your competitors will definitely get your share of the market. That is why it is crucial to have means in order to reach your customers at any given time. This is one of the reasons you need to mobilize for your business.


If you want to take your business and your marketing campaigns to the next level, try to incorporate an SMS mobilization strategy. This strategy makes use of mobile phones and text messaging in order to have direct access to your customer base. To have a better understanding of what SMS strategy can do for you, here are some of the main reasons you need to mobilize for your business:


  • Personalized communication: Directly market your products and services to your customers by sending them personalized messages that will peak their interest. A personalized message gives them the feeling of individual treatment and is a very accessible way for them to receive and read your message because it goes straight to their mobile phones.
  • Time-saving: Maximizing your time with your customers is one of the many reasons you need to mobilize for your business. With mobile marketing, you can reach a large group of people at a time and let them know about what you have to offer almost instantly.
  • Wider customer base: The good thing about an SMS strategy is that you are able to encourage brand loyalty – keeping your current customers as well as invite new ones. You can do this by offering welcoming discounts to new customers and coupons and freebies for existing customers.
  • Cost-effective: Because there is basically no paper trail, you don’t have to pay for the expense of printing brochures or other print ads. You also don’t have to hire a whole team just to send a dozen or more messages. One of the reasons you need to mobilize for your business is that you will also be able to maximize your returns because of these savings. You can increase your sales and revenue without spending too much on your campaigns.
  • Environment-friendly: You don’t have to waste any paper because you won’t be using one! Everything is sent electronically and received that way too. Not only are you eliminating the costs of printing, but you are also saving the environment by not adding to the mountain of wastes the world already has!

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Posted on Oct 31, 2013

Mobile Barcodes

obile barcodes are a specific style of a square matrix of white and black dots and they are becoming more commonly viewed on billboard and magazine ads, product packaging or sites or on mobile tickets and coupons. Mobile barcodes have evolved from the typical bar code located on all produced goods on food store shelves, only they contain a lot more details.


Any time a consumer or buyer scans a mobile barcode with a camera phone assuming the phone possesses the proper software, with respect to the data in code, it'll hyperlink to homeowners mobile site.


These mobile Bar Codes would be the graphical picture that holds digital intel, as opposed to the linear barcodes usually located on products in store are 1D (one-dimensional), storing data in a series of vertical bars; mobile barcodes hold information in 2D (two-dimensional), vertically and horizontally in the form of pattern of dots.


These mobile barcodes can be used and works in lots of ways, for instance they will deliver static marketing and advertising promotions on billboards or even in the press alive with mobile engagement and interaction. In business, these mobile barcodes can help shoppers by means of further information on products, like nutritional or safety details or the actual addition of merchandise to a electronic shopping basket when shopping within the mobile Web. By depositing mobile barcodes into merchandise or shipping packing, vendors and logistics organizations can more easily trail shipping and delivery and bring up to date stock data.


Mobile Barcodes are two popular use case situations, also the customer scans a mobile barcode inside an promotion or on product packaging utilizing their camera phone or the consumer presents a code shown on the screen on their device to be scanned in store or at an event to claim a discount or gain entrance.


Mobile Barcodes are worked in these ways:


The buyer scans: Barcode reader turns a camera phone into a barcode scanner, and this scanner comes pre-installed on the device and if they are not fitted, it'll need to be acquired via the customer. The visitor by using the camera capture the graphic then assesses the 2D barcode, which may open a mobile URL, start a mobile application or contact a call center.


The buyer reveals a code: when the client has brought a pre-paid m-ticket or possibly a advertising m-coupon by multi-media messaging (MMS) or has previously scanned a code from a poster, they convert their voucher or check their event ticket by giving the code on the mobile screen to a staff member armed with a 2D bar code scanner.


Mobile Barcode firms, like NeoMedia, ordinarily supply the barcode-reader app away no cost to consumers. Then this brand or advertising agency will pay for the barcode-management package, which cranks out and manages the initial codes, charged via the number of codes given or even the number of codes scanned via the customers.


How much for a mobile website

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